Welcome to my site...

Hi I'm Billy Cunningham, a professional drummer and teacher based in Sevenoaks, Kent. I'm a friendly and experienced professional teacher in a fully-equipped studio.

I have played drums all my life and just love drums! If you would like to have a go at learning drums at my studio in Sevenoaks drop me an email, on the contact link below. I teach drums in a fun and relaxed manor from the very beginning to an advanced level.

“Billy is an incredible drum teacher and right from the beginning he guided me through everything all the way to now."

Adam B, age 11



“Thanks so much for teaching me this year. Have a great Summer and stay awesome!”

 Tom F, age 12



So enjoy my website, it will be updated regularly with new notes, photos and general bits and bobs useful to drummers. I'll be adding information about tuning drums, choosing the right drumkit for you, choosing cymbals, choosing drumsticks, common drum faults and repairs and general useful guides for drummers. 

Watch this space!